Internet and Education

Internet and EducationIn today’s world of Information Technology, Internet is playing a very important role in providing the quality education. If we simply close our eyes from this vary fact just because we are not well equipped with the infrastructure to adopt this modern technology and revert back to the old and customary means of imparting education thereby spreading literacy which in the present scenario may bequeath promising outcome. But in the long run we will be missing the fundamental objective of technology revolution that is the quality education, which in real sense will make a person literate and collectively bring knowledge revolution to our doorsteps. At this stage it is very easy to turn our eyes away from this technological revolution that is the Internet technology under the cover of unsuitable infrastructure, mass literacy, lack of resources and many other such excuses. But later on the next generation will blame us for not providing a quality education like we are constantly blaming our historians for the same.

At this stage we must understand one thing very clearly that setting a blame on educational system or the policy makers and progressing further without providing an effective solution is like a chain reaction and it will carry on from one generation to next very smoothly and efficiently. Our endeavor at this stage is to get drenched into the waves of modern technological revolution without making a major issue out of the certain hurdles of minor nature coming on the way. The main policy which is to be adopted is that “where there is a will there is a way”. We ourselves will realize that we spend more time blaming each other for inefficiency rather than constructively sitting together and attacking the heart of the problem. It is futile to indicate at this stage that policy makers had not given enough thought over the future prospects of educational policy at the time of independence. At this stage we should be more worried about incorporation and adoption of modern technology in a big way to boost our knowledge standards. Now there is absolutely no getting away from the knowledge revolution which is coming or rather going to come in a very big way. Thus, each one of us should be compatible to this knowledge revolution. Leaving everything on government will not achieve the desired results.

The modern technology has revolutionized the way we live, the way we think, the way we perceive the things and now it is next to impossible to get away from the fact that being knowledgeable is like meeting God of good things. More and more emphasis is to be given in providing the primary education to all the children at a very nominal and affordable cost, so that not even a single student misses the education on account of affordability. The girl child should also be encouraged at parent’s level as well as at community level to join the education stream. The education by motivation will not only bring the mass literacy at the shortest span of time but also bring the knowledge revolution. In communicating the best of education to our children and adults a strict vigilant eye should be kept on the quality and standard of education. Education without quality is like body without brain whose existence is visible but worth is dubious. Today if we are able to impart primary education with perfection the day is not far when the country stands at the threshold of 100% quality literacy. Thus the foundation of primary education available to all should be the first foremost criteria towards the knowledge revolution. Each child irrespective of cast and creed should be literate at the same time the definition of literacy is to be revised. The literacy means the quality education and sound knowledge of modern technology. My transcribing your thoughts to words and vice versa will not achieve the desired results.

Today the country required people who can form a vital constituent in uplifting the country to the major information technology super power. Gone with those days when people use to smile after reading or signing their name. Now the country demands more and more. And the time has to redefine the term literacy and bring the country at par with the latest technological revolution of the world. The literacy mission should be given extensive boost at various levels and should be made compulsory for all countrymen to contribute by way of quality knowledge. A literate country will be able to progress faster and attain the desired destination in shortest possible time. A knowledge revolution will also be spontaneous. Thus the literacy rate should always see an upward lift and illiteracy magnitude should proportionately reduce and this can only be achieved if we don’t allow the next generation to get into the darkness of literacy.

Our education System

Our educational system has got glorified history and very promising future. But still we find lots and lots of lacunae in our educational system not because of its effectiveness in delivering quality knowledge evenly to the remotest corner of the country. In other words, the circumstances are favoring urbanization for our educational system, thereby defeating the sole purpose and main objective that is 100 percent literacy or literacy with perfection.

India’s illiterate population exceeds the total combined population of America, Japan and Canada. The factual data shouldn’t have come as a surprise to most of our education policy makers in the past/ present who are simply ruling the nation in a grip of expectancy and fantasizing the facts by uttering sweet and juicy slogans to attract masses but at the same time denying requisite quality education due to lack of dynamic and flexible educational policy. The largest democracy in the world has shamefully turned out to be the largest illiterate democracy. Although the literacy rate has increased considerably after independence but the illiterate magnitude has never seen a descending path. At this stage if we have to talk about the knowledge revolution, main emphasis is to be given to the quality of education and not just enrolling people into the literacy programs and virtually creating an unwanted breed of educated illiterates that is imposing literacy but lacking in quality education. The problems, multifarious as they are leave the government grappling with too much issue at the same time. And in the mad rush to improve and elevate the desirable statistics on literacy, quality education has to perforce become backbencher, unrecognized and even unnoticed event. In other words, the priority is to get as many people to enroll in the literacy programs as possible. It is the magnitude not the number that matters. There are no follow ups in terms of the quality of education that is being imparted. A purely eyewash concept is breeding up on the grave of quality education which is throwing us away from the brightness of knowledge revolution. In the mad rush for improving the literacy statistics, India has lost sight of the importance of quality education. If India were to be scrutinized for imparting education to its multitudes, it would be score dismally below standards. At the onset of the new millennium there is mostly bad news from education front, for example dilapidated schools, de-motivated teachers, irresponsible management and powerless parents. A never-ending vicious cycle where frustration breed further hopelessness. There is an increase in literacy rates, but it is so slow and minimal that absolute magnitude of illiterate keeps rising every year. If the number are distressing, even worse is an all-round deterioration in the quality of education. In other words, along with quantity and spread of education amongst masses, quality has not kept at pace. On the contrary there has been shocking decline in standards. As far as the government is concerned it is the statistics about the spread of literacy that counts. But if education is a mean to learn skills and transform lives by bringing knowledge revolution then a substandard education is of little use. The bottom line – if the level of literacy learning is very low then very little use can be made out of that literacy. Thus the knowledge revolution can be achieved precisely by literacy with quality education as its main ingredient without which it is as good as food without salt. By merely increasing number of literate is not the actual remedy.

Modern Age of Communication

Man is the stone age use to communicate with each other, merely by gestures or by drawing various pictures till such time the language has given the new dimension to the mode of communication and thus has contributed a lot towards the knowledge widespread amongst mankind whatever little was known or discovered at that point of time. The creative attitude and inquisitiveness of human being has made him more and more knowledgeable. But it is very unfortunate for us that although being in modern age we are still heading towards the Stone Age. To be more explicit, the spread of knowledge is still not accessible to most of the people because they are not compatible to the ocean of knowledge, being illiterate. These segments of people are the most unfortunate species on the earth because they have been deprived from the power of knowledge, the light of knowledge and the satisfaction of being knowledgeable. The size of this segment of illiterate people is increasing in geometric progression day by day and should be eliminated by bequeathing the light of knowledge.

The effective use of modern age technology and its wide spread spectrum to all possible corners of the world will give desirous results towards expanding the knowledge base.