3 Tips to Help Your Child Complete Their Homework

3 Tips to Help

With all the technology whirling around our homes these days it can be challenging finding a way to keep our children focused while they are trying to finish their homework. This challenge increases if they are using laptops to do research or other school related assignment help for students. There are a few easy steps you can take to create an environment that will help keep your child on task at home.

The first thing you have to do is instill good work habits in your son or daughter. That means designing a set time every day when homework is to be done. Be careful when you make a schedule. Some parents create such a rigorous plan that it becomes unrealistic after a few weeks when friends begin to call or sport activities start. I know baseball, football, soccer and basketball put a dent in all our schedules.

The other major factor is “ownership”. Have your child design the schedule with you so you can hear what they want as well. If a favorite television show is on and you are demanding homework gets done first, you are only setting yourself up for more disappointment. In our house I give my daughter the chance to have a snack, watch her show and then it’s homework time! This works out very well for both of us. She set the homework time so she follows it. This seems to be a bit tougher once they enter high school.

The second item at hand is your child’s homework space. Do they sit on the couch and complete their work with Sponge Bob lingering in the background? This is our biggest issue. It can be challenging to find a quiet space in your home if it’s small like mine. It seems no matter where you go, something is always going on. When the kids were younger I tried setting up a desk in their room with plenty of light. For my oldest, who is very independent, it worked well. However, my daughter wanted to be close to me in case she needed help. We simply assigned the kitchen table as her work space. It had plenty of light, was away from the television and I could be of assistance while I cooked dinner. In short, a well-lit quiet place in the house is ideal.

The third thing needed to make sure your child completes homework is you! As they get older I have less control over their classes. The number of teachers they have increases and so does the amount of assignments. The one thing I make sure of though is that I am involved!

I am constantly asking them to show me their work, checking the online grade system to see if homework is posted by their teachers and always ready to help them with assignments if need be. You can’t just put your child in a room with a schedule and hope for the best. Every child is different and needs some level of parental support when it comes to completing homework. It may something as simple as asking what they learned in school that day or a bit more involved like sharpening a pencil and demonstrating a math concept. Whatever the case, the key ingredient is you!

What are some of the ways you help your child complete their homework?