Effective Education

Effective Education

Nowadays privatization of school and other institutions have come in a very big way and are widely accepted by people of this country because the government schools and institutions are not sufficient to cater for the complete and growing need of this highly populated country. Another important aspect which is mainly responsible for privatization of education system, is the exposure it gives to the modern and latest technology. Most of the private schools and institutions are setting up high standards in the country for providing quality education to selected group of people only because they can afford the same. For most of the people, joining such institution is like a daydream because of socio-economic circumstances which prevent their dreams turning into the reality. This is very unfortunate for our country that major proportion of our population are living well below proven line and their struggle of life ends with the acquisition of very basic amenities of life. For them the precious life is for earning the livelihood without even understanding that beyond this also the life has got some meaning. The light of knowledge is omnipotent and is ready to engulf this deprived and almost discarded community of illiterate people. Only an optimistic and an honest approach in the right direction can change the meaning of their life. These people should also be given an opportunity to understand and appreciate the power of knowledge. We should dream for a country where knowledge is free for all irrespective of rich and poor. The foundation or the primary education should be very dynamic and made available to all. Privatization of education is a very noble thought to assist the government to fulfill its long pending commitment of providing 100% literacy in this country. On the contrary, making a business of education through privatization should be discouraged at all the levels. Privatization of education system should not turn out to be urbanization of education system but should have wide spread tentacles throughout the country and should have a very broad horizon to accommodate everyone irrespective of their socio-economic status. Let our education system not succumb to the selfish and dishonest deeds of privatization whose main aim is to mint money by turning the education into a profitable business. If we are able to overcome this main hurdle the knowledge revolution will turn out to be reality.

The nationwide literacy mission thus should give utmost important to the primary education system to provide knowledge of high standards thereby private a way for the knowledge revolution. Another aspect which is to be broadly looked into is the adult literacy. Several villages where the root of our education system network hs not reached so far either due to lack of infrastructure or due to shortage of teaching staff, one ray of light of knowledge is sufficient enough to glow the whole community. General awareness towards the advantages of knowledge is to be inculcated in the mind of all illiterate people and apprise them of with the power of knowledge. This will revolutionize the whole concept of attainment of knowledge and bringing them at par with other countrymen in terms of knowledge status and values. For this the youth of this country should come forward and contribute his or her share to bring in the light of knowledge spread around everywhere in the country. Thus the youth of this country of values should come forward and take extra initiative in accomplishing the task of making everyone around them literate. The ocean of knowledge is very deep and wide spread. Only an optimistic approach is required to go deep into this ocean and thus enjoy the ultimate power of knowledge. No one should be spare from getting drowned inside the deep sea of knowledge should be made the prime aim of the life for each one of us. Like food is considered as an essential part of life. Same way acquisition of good knowledge should also be made an essential theme of life. Give a person food to eat first and then a book to read because when the stomach is full the efficiency of person increases multifold and results will be very enterprising.

Books are mankind’s best friend and remains everlasting. However total dependency on the books cannot make a man perfect, instead to achieve the perfection or completeness in life, one has to have a broad vision, supported by creative imagination, inquisitiveness and proximity to experienced intelligent individual. The sphere of knowledge is unbound as universe, vibrant as tempest, deep as oceans, subtle as ether and fragrant as honesty and compassion. It can’t be contained and confined into books which are like caging tempest in a bowl. Learning is never ending process with life as mentor and time as a tutor. Life and time teaches what cannot be learnt from books. Moreover, lessons learnt from life and time has far reaching, un-forgetful impact on mankind.

Education for all

Our endeavor should be to have 100 percent literacy in our country so that every one of us should have the privilege to know the things happening around and thus participate actively in the knowledge revolution. By making my programs to eradicate illiteracy will not be the actual remedy to this problem. This problem should be attacked consciously and with full dedication by each one of us who are literate. All of us should join hands in spreading literacy in our own community. If each one of us decides to make at least one person around him or her, literate and put in dedicated efforts to achieve and materializes his/her goal, the whole scenario will change with in no time and thus bring the knowledge revolution and prosperity in the country automatically.
Another main factor which is coming as a big hurdle in the path of literacy and hence the knowledge revolution in the growing population. Recently we have touched one Billionth marks, a symbol of great pride for the ticking population bomb, ready to explode. By making people around us literate, we shall be indirectly spreading knowledge and awareness among them thus making them more knowledge. They shall be able to think logically, reason out the main problems and provide an effective solution. Only an initiative in the right direction is required to promote the idea, the feeling and the happiness of becoming literate and knowledgeable. The knowledge revolution will come automatically. Thus the main aim of any literacy program is to cultivate a moral responsibility with in each one of us to spread literacy by motivation and extra initiative. Once the process starts or triggers off, it will spread like a jungle fire.

Joining an MBA Course

In this competitive world, the scientific outlook is adopted to perceive and dissolve a technological challenge and bequeath most suitable and efficient remedy. MBA from Stanford is the appropriate navigator to guide me through the whirlwind and tempest of techno-management jargons and will provide me with the cutting edge to serve the organization in an efficient manner. With my years of acquaintance and exposure to industry, the present level to which I have reached, invites and appreciates more of a management aspect viz. managing man and material, related to project management activities than the actual technological problems. In the present scenario, I am dealing with a considerable manpower and material resources which are forming a main driving force behind designing and commissioning of an intelligent security system. Management of this huge and versatile manpower and material poses a major challenge and this can only be encountered in the most positive and efficient way by getting associated with most prestigious and admirable institution that is Stanford Graduate School of Business. I am confident that after acquiring management skills formally, I will be able to achieve the cherished goal by adopting systematic, logical and scientific approach.