Colour Discrimination

Colour Discrimination

The raging monster namely “apartheid” is ready to engulf almost majority of human being and is the most prominent social and cultural stigma of the society.

In the modern western society, the color of skin is predominantly a major determinant of level of superiority of human beings, amongst the society. And to this effect, the deterioration of superiority is directly proportional to the magnitude of the skin shade. That is too saying and believes that “Whites are bright and blacks are dark”.

The color of skin is considered to be the universally accepted, unique factor to govern most of the socio-emotional judgments in the day to day activities. The same is nothing but a curse on humanity in the modern world of hypocrisy and cynicism.

Whites are respected and blacks are neglected, is still flourishing in the western culture. And this is prevalent in all walks of life in the western society.
The great leader like Mr. Gandhi was also subjected to this color discrimination when he was not allowed to travel by train in the first class which was earmarked only for “the respected whites” in South Africa. Though, Mr. Gandhi also was socially a dignified personality, yet his color of skin had been more dominant factor to decide the status. He was literally thrown out of the first class compartment by group of rogue whites on his refusal to go to third class, meant for blacks only.

But he never gave up and launched a mission against racism in South Africa, amidst reluctance and resistance from the society. And today, even years after his death, he is the most respected personality, especially in the world of whites.

Rose Parks, in another incident, refused to vacate the bus seat for a white and subjected to humiliation. But she also fought back and brought a “black civil revolution” in the society and was later called “Mother of black civil rights”. She moved million minds and earned lot of respect and fame in the world.

Law clearly amplifies the punishment against such racist abuses. In this close information technology, where assistance is just one phone call away, people refrain themselves from reporting such events. Moreover, how people dare to go above law and propagate the virus of racism/ discrimination.

It is moral responsibility to educate and guide people to efficiently use the information technology to curb such shameful act of discrimination. Also it must be told in plain and blunt words that nobody is above law and persons indulge in such acts will be taken to task and made a sample for others for strict adherence and total compliance of law.

Another important example is the victory of Barak Husain Obama as successor to president Bush of United States of America. His win is a huge blow on the racist Modern Society. Though his victory statistics have shown a nervous attitude of whites in their voting pattern, yet his victory is considered as a well-accepted fundamental right of person who is only adjudged by his level of competence and inherent qualities and not by the shade of skin.

In the end I would like to emphasize on only one aspect which need to be addressed significantly in order to overcome the hazardous growth of racism and that is the change of attitude / mindset of everyone. The day we realize that shade of skin is immaterial and eradicate racism completely from our orthodox domain, the world will become more colorful and harmonious.

The world is changing at a great pace. If technology can change so quickly, why cannot our attitude? Let us take pledge to make world free from racism and create a healthy and conducive environment with absolutely no place for apartheid and abhorrence. To achieve this, distinct vision and broadminded attitude are the required key ingredients to wipe out racism, last this cancer will coolly propagate in future generations and we shall not be escaped from the blame of being inactive, ineffective and passive spectators of this dreaded dragon. The change is inevitable; let us join hands to be a proud part of the positive change of mindset and attitude towards removal of racism.