Power Of Knowledge

Most of our population resides in small towns and villages and have got their own customs and traditions. The orthodox faith and other traditional constraints are having a prime and important place in the mind of most of people. It is just next to impossible to uproot this though from their mind. This social and mental stigma is driving them away from the ocean of knowledge and keeping them unaware of the fact that acquiring knowledge and dispersing it to other fellow beings can give eternal happiness and satisfaction. The self-realization in the mind of people to become knowledgeable and spread the knowledge gainfully to others cannot be imposed upon. Rather, it should come from within, from individual’s heart and soul. So each one of us should decide and contribute their respective bit to make this country a better place to live with fragrance of knowledge all around in the air.

The light of knowledge never demarcates between two persons. It spreads evenly in all the direction wherever there is a scope. It is only the individual’s mental blockade or the socio-economical barriers that are preventing the light of knowledge from reaching them and thereby creating various black holes in the society. It is customary and obligatory to eliminate these black holes and allow the spread of knowledge without much of impedance in our society to achieve the main objective of knowledge revolution.
The sphere of knowledge is limitless as universe, deep as ocean, subtle as ether bad fragrant as honesty and compassion. To contain knowledge in the institutions is like incarcerating universe in an eyeball. Further, the spread of knowledge is so contagious and infectious that an individual in the company of intellectuals gain wisdom in the same manner as the current carrying coil induces magnetism in a disjoint coil when placed in the vicinity. Thus the role of college and universities which are pack of intellects cannot be ruled out altogether. Instead their role increases multifold and multidimensional towards spread of knowledge, lest the knowledge dies with the individual and doesn’t overcome the generation gap.

Knowledge Revolution

The thirst of attaining more and more knowledge is a never-ending process. Ever since the origin of human race till today’s modern age thus thirst remains unquenched. Human being always desires to explore the deep ocean of knowledge. The creativity and innovation has given this process a very smooth acceleration. But still there are large communities who are deprived from being getting drenched in the ocean of knowledge because of illiteracy. In other word the feel of becoming knowledgeable and see this beautiful world with all together a different outlook is missing because of illiteracy. Thus to bring the very existence of knowledge revolution, literacy plays a very crucial role. Literacy is like eyes to the world of knowledge without which sheer darkness prevails.

In today’s worlds of modern technology and advancements the flow of information from one person to another in a shortest possible time is very important. The latest communication technology has brought the knowledge is tremendous. But still illiterate segments of people have an overwhelming majority and they are the biggest hindrance in the path of technological spread or in other words, the knowledge revolution. The inquisitiveness and creativity of mankind is losing its way into the deep quicksand desert of literacy. To overcome the main hurdle from the way of knowledge revolution, greater emphasis is to be given to the literacy mission. A literate person will be able to perceive the world with a different outlook. His horizon will be widened and his knowledge growth will attain new heights. Likewise, the group of literate persons will be the main driving force towards the knowledge revolution and they will be able to lead towards the growth of technology to the cherished destination. Thus the literacy factor is sufficient enough to give a quantum jump to the growth of knowledge.